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1633 - Native Golden Organic Cane Sugar ,1kg

Native Golden Organic Cane Sugar ,1kg


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US$ 8.40

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The organic version of demarara sugar.

Try Native in the Golden version, which sweetens and confers a very special flavor to syrups and hot drinks. Native sugar is the result of an absolutely natural process, in which the sugarcane is cultivated with organic fertilizers, submitted to biological pest control and harvested green, i.e., without burning, which besides maintaining its qualities intact, also preserves the soil and the environment. Each grain of Native sugar is the purest and healthiest essence of sugarcane molasses - which is where its fruity flavor comes from.

Basic Composition
Sucrose (min.) 98,0%
Glucose and fructose (Max.) 0,40%
Humidity (Max.) 0,30%
Mineral salts (Max.) 0,40%

Nutritional Information
Every 100g contains on average:
Calories 399 kcal
Carbohydrates 99,3%
Fat/protein/cholesterol 0g / 0,4g / 0g

Packaging: 1kg - 24 x 6,5 x 10 - Packet
Shipping box: 12 unid. - 25 x 22 x 41
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