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2095 - Rose Hip Oil, 10ml

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Rose Hip Oil, 10ml


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US$ 15.68

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Rose Hip Oil, 10ml
Leader of sales and consumer preference, the Native Rose Hip Oil obtained this position because of its quality and efforts to deliver results.
Main raw material of the Native Rose Hip Cosmetic Line products, the Rose Hip Oil has fine substances that activate and accelerate the proliferation of new cells, thus allowing for the quick skin renovation.
Since it is 100% pure and concentrated, it penetrates the deepest layers of the skin, and recovers the skin tissue in an integral and intense way. And because it is refined, it has a pleasant fragrance, and there are no impurities, making its dermal penetration easier.
Indicated in cases of localised imperfections, for a deeper and more intense treatment, such as striae, burn spots, keloids, deep wrinkles, etc
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