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2331 - Agaricus Brazei Murill 75 capsuls x400 mg

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Agaricus Brazei Murill  75 capsuls  x400 mg


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US$ 50.40

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Cuesta Agaricus

Agaricus Brazei Murill 75 capsulas x 400mg

Contents: 75 capsulas of 400 mgs each

Shelf life: 2 years after the fabrication date (printed on label)

Storage: Keep the packet closed well and in a dry cool place.

Suggestion of usage: Take 2 capsules before breakfast, 2 capsules before lunch and 2 capsules before dinner.

We are a very serious company, straight and correct company which is speciliazed on the culture and grow of the Agaricus Blazei Murill, we have an infrastructure and eperience in the market that allow us to offer a good and with imcomparable quality product.

One of the motives of the enormous interests on Agaricus Blazei basicaly the presence in its composition of two of the main polissacarideos compounds that are the (beta) 1,3 Glucan and (beta)1,6-D Glucan. The Beta-d-Glucan increases the destruction of the tumoral cels, and also the infected with bacterium, fungi and viruses cels. Due to the nature of the imunological reaction of the Beta-d-Glucan, there is no resistence. Know more about Beta-d-glucan!
Through experiments proved the properties anti-cancer of the Cogumelo do Brasil. The experiment, among others, realized in guinea Pigs in the Medical Department of the Tokio University,in the National Central Cancer Lab and in the Pharmacy College of Tokio presented a percentage of complete cure of 90% and an anti-cancer effect of 99.4%.

We will do our part, big or small, to make our world a better place to live. A positive attitude, through both good times and bad, is essential for our well-being. We encourage and help others to keep a positive attitude too.
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